Making Your Car Service Fun

Are You Letting Your Car Clean Itself Properly?

If you've always got an eye on your expenses, you may have been concerned at the amount of money you've been spending for the commute back and forth to work. You came to the conclusion that you needed to find a car that has better fuel economy as, over time, the savings would certainly add up. With this in mind, you've recently decided to purchase a diesel-engine vehicle instead and have now pressed this into service for your daily drive into the office. Read More 

Why You Need to Look After the Most Important Part of Your Engine

If you looked at a cutaway of a car's engine in action, you would be amazed to see just how many moving parts there are and how they all seem to work together in harmony to produce its power. Certainly, each component has its own role to play in generating that energy and transferring it towards the gearbox, but it would all simply be mayhem without one particular part. Just like an animated policeman is able to control traffic in the middle of a busy Sydney intersection, the timing belt makes sure that there is order in this crazy mechanical world. Read More 

Why Differential Maintenance Is So Crucial

Have you ever thought for a moment what it takes to do a U-turn in your car, from an engineering point of view? After all, if you find that you are headed in the wrong direction down a particular road, you simply turn around in one seamless motion and head the other way, without thinking twice. Yet from an engineering perspective, this is a marvellous achievement and when you understand this, you will pay more attention to servicing your car on a regular basis. Read More 

Double-glazed windows on cars: What’s the experience like?

Double-glazed windows have many different applications. They're mostly used in homes and commercial premises to provide a tough, durable, and sound-proofed surface. As opposed to regular windows that are often weaker and more prone to damage, double-glazing adds dual panels with an insulating material in-between. Interestingly, this window design is also incredibly useful for vehicle windows. The windows of most cars are susceptible to cracks, chips and breaks. However, a double-glazed window on your car is the very definition of toughness. Read More 

Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Pink Slip Inspections

An inspection that is done to a vehicle before you can renew its registration is often called a rego or pink slip inspection, and this inspection is often needed for any vehicle that is more than a few years old, for vehicles that have been modified in any way, and for vehicles that have received a defect notice. While a mechanic can tell you how to get your vehicle ready for its pink slip inspection, note a few ways you might avoid costly and unexpected repair bills before you can get that registration renewed, and how to ensure your car has the best chance of passing a pink slip inspection. Read More 

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Making Your Car Service Fun

Hello! My name is Richard and this is my new blog. I used to hate servicing my car. I would avoid doing it if possible. The idea of getting my hands dirty and covered in oil. However, all of this changed when I made friends with the local mechanic when I was drinking in the pub. He invited me to hang out with him at his auto repair shop and he explained how to make servicing your car fun. Since then, I have been taking a big interest in maintaining my car. I hope you find this blog useful and entertaining.


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