Making Your Car Service Fun

What Is Causing Your Car to Overheat?

You may feel your temperature rising if you are stuck in one of Australia's notorious traffic jams, but the matter will become much worse if your car begins to get hot under the collar as well. What could be going wrong if that gauge is claiming inexorably towards the red? Potential Trouble Ahead Overheating is not unusual if the ambient temperature is high and the engine is struggling to receive its regular coolant supply. Read More 

Transmission Issues To Check on a Used Car

If you are buying a used car, there are several inspections that should be done. Some of these need to be done by a professional. However, there are some inspections that can be done by you. A few of the self-inspections can let you know if you will need something like transmission repair. If transmission issues are your main concern, here are a few things to look for during a self-inspection to determine if you need auto transmission repair. Read More 

4 Ways You Can Tell Your Car Has Auto Electrical Issues

One of the typical auto electrical issues with vehicles is when the battery stops working. Most people get another car battery to jumpstart theirs and assume the problem is solved. However, many other electrical issues could damage your vehicle if you are not careful. Here are typical signs that your car has auto electrical issues that need help from a mechanic.  When the Engine Will Not Crank Your vehicle engine can refuse to crank for several reasons. Read More 

Two Tips To Follow if You’ll Be Using a Courtesy Car When Getting Your Vehicle Serviced

If there is a local garage that offers a car service courtesy car and you're planning to avail of it whilst your own vehicle is being serviced, here are some tips you should follow. Ask for a car that is similar to your own Some garages have a limited range of courtesy cars, in which case it might not be possible to request a specific one. However, if the garage at which your own vehicle is being serviced has a wider range of courtesy cars, you should ask if you can pick one that is the same as or similar to your own. Read More 

Some of the Common Repairs Your Work Truck Will Need At Some Point

No matter the kind of work you do with your truck, you need it to be in perfect condition at all times. Failing to do so can lead to unnecessary delays, which can seriously put you behind schedule. Essentially, you should visit your mechanic regularly for routine check-ups and tune-ups. However, your truck could still develop issues even with the best care and maintenance. Luckily, these issues are not uncommon to your mechanic, and so they will fix them in no time. Read More 

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Making Your Car Service Fun

Hello! My name is Richard and this is my new blog. I used to hate servicing my car. I would avoid doing it if possible. The idea of getting my hands dirty and covered in oil. However, all of this changed when I made friends with the local mechanic when I was drinking in the pub. He invited me to hang out with him at his auto repair shop and he explained how to make servicing your car fun. Since then, I have been taking a big interest in maintaining my car. I hope you find this blog useful and entertaining.


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