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A List of Spare Vehicle Parts You Should Always Have on Hand

Having spare parts on hand, either in your vehicle or stored away in your home's garage, can allow you to make quick repairs as needed, ensuring your vehicle is always operational and safe for driving. In addition to a spare tyre in the trunk, note a few other spare vehicle parts that are good to have available at all times.


If your vehicle's alternator belt should break, the battery will run down very quickly, as that belt connects the battery to the alternator, recharging it while you drive. This belt may not give you much warning before it breaks, and if you don't have a spare belt on hand, you could easily find yourself stranded with a dead battery. Check the size and type of belt you need for your vehicle's alternator and keep one on hand, so you can replace it as needed.


A radiator hose may easily split or crack, and this is very dangerous; once that hose is damaged, the engine won't get coolant, and it will then quickly overheat. A radiator hose is often easy to replace yourself, and having a spare one in the car can mean a quick fix if it should split while you're driving. You might also keep one in the garage so you can replace the vehicle's current radiator hose at the first sign of damage.


If a fuse in your car blows, an electrical part may shut down, as it won't be getting needed power. This can stop your vehicle from operating, as the fuel pump, oxygen sensor, and other such parts use electricity to function. Fuses are very easy to replace, so having a few extras on hand can mean getting back on the road quickly and easily.

Wiper blades

If a wiper blade should shred or otherwise get damaged while you're driving in the rain, snow, or a thick fog, you may have little to no visibility. Wiper blades are very easy to snap onto their arms, so keep a spare set in the car in case of such an emergency.

Tyre sealant

A can of inflator or sealant can easily reinflate a damaged tyre, so you can at least get to a tyre shop or mechanic after your car has suffered a flat. Be sure you check the expiration date for these products, as they are pressurized and their chemicals may break down over time, and then get a new can as needed.

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