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Choosing the Right RV Tow Bar for Your Vacation

If you are planning to go on holiday in your RV, it might be a good idea to take your car. While the thought of towing a smaller car behind your RV might seem intimidating, you stand to gain a lot. One advantage of taking your car along for vacation is that it acts a secondary means of transport. For instance, you can decide to run a few errands or go sightseeing without necessarily taking the RV. However, successful towing requires choosing the right RV tow bar. This article offers tips for choosing the best RV tow bar for your vacation.


When towing, the vehicle being towed is usually on free transmission. Therefore, the brake lights will not come on when you apply brakes on your RV. Since it is illegal and dangerous to tow a vehicle without working lights, you need to get an RV tow bar that is fully packaged with appropriate wiring; such bars will allow you to connect the brakes of the RV to the brake lights on the car being towed. If a tow bar does not come equipped with wiring, then you need to purchase a lighting kit and seek the services of a mechanic, which come at an extra cost.

Weight Capacity

Tow bars have weight capabilities that limit how much load each can handle. In most cases, tow bars can handle 1000 pounds all the way up to 5000 pounds. Most private towing activities are within this range although you still need to confirm the weight of your car before you purchase an RV tow bar. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you underestimated your vehicle's weight and the tow breaks when you least expect. Such an incidence will cost you time and money in addition to ruining your vacation.

Built In Cables

Despite the fact that cars being towed are secured on the tow bar, you should never take the chance without a tow bar cables. What the cables do is that if the car breaks away, they will keep it from moving out of line from the RV. While most tow bars will come with safety cables, built-in cables are a better consideration because they avoid untidy wrapping of wires around the bar. IT gives the tow bar a clean look; additionally, you do not have to worry about the cable untangling and being caught under the vehicle being towed.

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