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Tips to Keep Your BMW AC System Running Properly for Longer

Most modern cars come incorporated with an AC system that works to moderate temperatures in the interiors of the vehicle, especially during the sweltering days of the summer season. In spite of the integral function that a car's AC system plays in ensuring that everyday driving is comfortable, many car owners disregard the importance of proper AC care. These car owners often end up encountering AC system failures, which disrupts the cooling service that they enjoy while driving.

If you drive a BMW, here are some tips you can follow to ensure your BMW's AC system operates efficiently for longer.

Run your AC system even in winter.

Most car AC systems are busiest on hot sunny days when temperatures in car interiors are extremely high and uncomfortable. When the winter weather sets in, many car owners tend to keep their AC systems turned off because they do not require cooling service. Often, this does more harm than good, as it leads to premature wear of compressor seals and gaskets and hardening of the hose assembly, but also results in faster refrigerant loss.

Besides cooling the interior of your BMW on hot days, your AC system can provide another important service — getting rid of the moisture that builds up in car interiors on cold winter days. Therefore, it is essential to turn on your AC system and let it run at its coolest temperature setting for a few minutes on cold days, so as to remove excess moisture, but also minimise the potential for system problems.

Maintain the right refrigerant level.

For the AC system in your BMW to provide you with the cooling service you require, it must have enough refrigerant. Refrigerant is the chemical compound that cools the hot, unconditioned air that moves into the AC system so as to supply cool, conditioned air. If refrigerant levels are low or inadequate, your car's AC system will not be efficient at providing cooling service.

When you take your BMW to a BMW servicing shop, ask your mechanic to check your refrigerant level. If they find that you are running low on refrigerant, they will inspect your AC system for any refrigerant leaks before re-gassing.

Most BMW AC system problems can be avoided by simply taking proper care of the system. If you notice that your AC is not working properly, you should ask a qualified car service technician to check it out as soon as possible.

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