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3 Common Questions about Automatic Transmission Hard Parts

Most car owners find the term "automatic transmission hard part" confusing. It might explain why most motorists leave their cars with mechanics and come back later once servicing on the transmission is complete. As such, acquiring some basic knowledge about the parts of an automatic transmission is worth the effort. Notably, being informed can save you a significant amount of repair costs. This article focuses on common queries regarding automatic transmission hard parts.

What are Transmission Hard Parts? – An automatic transmission hard part is designed to withstand wear and tear. True to the name, transmission hard parts rarely wear easily unless under extreme conditions such as excess heat. In a transmission system, the hard components include the pump, clutch drum, diff, and the planetary gear set. However, it is imperative to note that it is nearly impossible to tell the condition of a hard part unless you disassemble the entire engine. For this reason, professional mechanics cannot know the exact cost of repair before removing the engine. Therefore, next time you take your car for transmission services, do not insist on knowing the charge before a mechanic pulls the motor apart.

When is a Hard Part Damaged? -- Knowing when a hard part has a problem is critical since any transmission issue affects a car's performance. When a hard component fails, a vehicle will not move forward or reverse even after engaging the gear. It is a sign that a hard part is broken. Usually, it is easy to tell when there is a break since there will be clunking and screeching noises when gears are engaged. Nonetheless, the signs might not be that obvious in the case of worn out hard parts. Worn out transmission hard parts will function well over time before being discovered, which makes it hard to troubleshoot. For instance, an abnormal amount of metal debris on a transmission's oil pan is a sign that there are worn parts. Without regular maintenance, therefore, it would be difficult to know if a transmission hard part requires replacement.

 What Hard Parts Prone to Damage? -- Although automatic transmission hard parts are not designed to wear out quickly, they do fail. The planetary gear set is, for example, most prone to damage than any other hard parts since most motorists do not use the transmission system appropriately. For example, it is common for a driver to shift gears to reverse or forward even before a car has completely stopped.

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