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Signs of Depleting Transmission Fluid That Can Lead To Expensive Transmission Repairs

Your vehicle's transmission may be designed for durability, but it is still vulnerable to some issues. The thing about transmission problems is that is they are not contended with in the shortest time possible, the issues become aggravated and can cause extensive damage to the entire system. Thus, if you are a motorist, you are responsible for ensuring that you seek transmission repairs early to prevent these problems from exacerbating. This piece illuminates a few typical signs of depleting transmission fluid that can lead to expensive transmission repairs.

You are finding it difficult to change your gears 

One of the red flags indicative of diminished low transmission fluid is the onset of hard shifting when you are driving. Hard shifting, granted, is usually associated with manual transmission systems but the misassumption people make is that their automatic transmission cannot develop this problem. Considering how easy it is to shift automatic gears, any trouble moving from one gear to the next should alert you to the potential need for transmission repairs. Take note that if while topping up your transmission fluid can fix this problem, you should be wary of a lack of response from your gears since this is indicative of your transmission system failing altogether.

Your transmission system is overheating

Another sign that you need to have your transmission fluid inspected is overheating of the system. Overheating can occur due to different reasons. The first reason is if you have transmission fluid, but it is corrupted. Hence, the fluid is not capable of lubricating the transmission system efficiently, which causes the components to overheat. The second reason why your vehicle can overheat if there is no fluid present, which means the system is not receiving any lubrication. Overheating should not be taken lightly since it can lead to a complete breakdown of your car.

Your transmission system is slipping

The third symptom to keep an eye out for that will imply your transmission fluid is depleted is if the system starts to slip. Slipping of your transmission system manifests with your vehicle not being coordinated with the engine. Thus, you may be trying to accelerate and your engine revs, but your vehicle is not picking up speed. A slipping transmission is not something that should be ignored. If you do not have this problem addressed in the shortest time possible, you will find that your gears are losing their ability to engage, which will put you and other motorists in jeopardy. 

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