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The Lowdown on Common Truck Failure Points

Whether for intermittent transport, vocational or long-distance haulage, trucks form a critical part of the transport sector. Their size allows for convenient carriage of large and heavy loads. Over time, however, the combination of the loads and the distance covered takes a toll on the trucks, leading to repair issues. Here are some common truck repairs you should expect to need at some point.


As the heart of the truck, the engine bears the brunt of the weight of the strain on your truck during operation. Since most run on diesel, common issues include oil oxidation, overheating, humidity reaction and faulty filters. 

Engage your auto service expert for scheduled truck maintenance. They will inspect the vehicle's fuel system, replace the engine oil filter, perform oil changes, and more to ensure your engine keeps running at its best.

Scheduled maintenance schedules can help to reduce downtime on the road as well as costly engine repairs.


For truckers, brake failure while on the road can be catastrophic given the momentum from the size and speed of the vehicle. The strain on the brakes can be immense, especially in urban areas due to the intermittent braking. Trucks mainly use the air braking vehicles instead of the hydraulic version used in smaller vehicles. 

Common failures in this system include blocked dryer cartridge, air leaks, air contaminated by water and oil and blocked airways. Given the sensitivity of the braking system, scheduled and frequent maintenance by a trained truck service expert is vital. Don't ignore delayed brake response times and unusual noises in the braking system.


The tyres and the suspension system bear the heavy loads and distances associated with trucks. Improper tyre pressure and improper distribution of loads contribute to the rapid wear and tear of the tyres. 

Diligent tyre inspection before driving is important and should be part of the mandatory tests, especially for heavy loads and long distances. Ensure that the tyres match the vehicle manufacturer's specifications in terms of sizing and pressure. In addition, professional preventative maintenance of the suspension system is critical due to the heavy bearing tasks.

Though scheduled and frequent maintenance is important for all vehicles, the risk of failure is higher for trucks than smaller vehicles because of the heavier loads they carry and the longer distances travelled. Engage a professional truck maintenance and repair expert to keep your truck on the road at all times.

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