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Understanding Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmission vehicles are most popular because of their ease of driving. To ensure your automatic vehicle serves you for the longest time possible, it needs servicing—regular oil changes, replacing air filters and topping up fluids. An important part of this service is the automatic transmission service. The transmission system forms a set of gears that powers your wheels to move your car from one point to the other at different speeds. These gears require lubrication to operate effectively; the lubricant used is known as transmission fluid.

Over time, this fluid may deteriorate and lose its lubricating properties, which will start to wear down the components of your transmission system. What are you expected to do?

Visit a Qualified Automatic Transmission Service Station

Even if you are not experiencing any transmission problems, visiting an automatic transmission service station is important for you to learn about your vehicles transmission system. Here, you get to learn whether your vehicle has lifetime transmission fluid (a transmission fluid that should not be changed) or transmission fluid that needs to be regularly changed. If you are in the first category, you only need to inspect whether there are any leaks and looking out for signs of a bad transmission system. If you are in the second category, you need to be changing your transmission fluid as required, inspecting for leaks and looking out for signs of a bad transmission system.

Understand the Signs of a Bad Transmission

The most common sign is sounds or vibrations coming from the underside of your vehicle around the gear area. Other signs may include a gear that is slipping to neutral, a gear that is hard to engage, a car that is not picking speed, etc. Visit an automatic transmission service station as soon as you can because a vehicle with a damaged transmission system can cause an accident at any time.

Understand How Your Driving or Using Your Automatic Car Affect the Transmission System

How fast do you drive your car? Do you accelerate hard? Do you also brake hard? How about towing; do you frequently tow other vehicles or trailers? If the answer to these questions is yes, you might need to inspect your transmission system regularly. When you accelerate, brake or tow other cars or trailers, your transmission fluid heats up. To what degree depends on how hard, soft or regular you stop your car. If the transmission fluid heats up excessively it might deteriorate rapidly.

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