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A Guide On Insurance Car Repairs

If you have a comprehensive insurance cover, your insurer will pay for car repairs if your vehicle is involved in a car accident. Insurance car repairs can be quite complicated for most people. However, this should no longer be the case after you read this excerpt. 

If You Can, Secure Evidence

At the accident scene, collect vital evidence such as the other driver's contacts, the vehicle registration details and accident photos. Additionally, exchange contacts with the officer handling your case. Once you lodge your claim, the officer will provide a report to the insurance adjuster. 

Check The Claims Procedure

Most insurance companies will ask you to contact your broker immediately when the accident happens. Besides, they could ask you not to accept blame for the accident. Reputable insurance companies have a simple claims process. They can process your claim over the phone or ask you to fill in a claims form on their website. 

Choosing A Garage 

Your insurer will present you with a list of accredited garages that can repair your vehicle. Choosing a garage can be quite overwhelming. Below are a few tips: 

  • Check online reviews and car forums to determine the reputation of the garage. For example, do they have experienced mechanics? What is their work quality?
  • Examine the specialisation of the garage. Typically, mechanics at the repair shop should specialise in the repair of your type of vehicle.
  • Contact the garage and inquire how long it will take to repair your vehicle.
  • Inquire about the availability of services such as paintless dent removal, body repairs and painting, computerised frame repair, interior repairs and ceramic coating.  

Take Advantage Of Extra Services

In some cases, you may qualify for extra services such as courtesy cars. If this is the case, check the terms of the service. For example, how long will you use the vehicle? Will the garage or insurance company pay for routine maintenance? Are you allowed to move outside your state? Additionally, remember to inspect the mechanical condition of the courtesy car. 

Monitoring Repairs

Smash repairs are an opportunity to conduct routine vehicle maintenance. As such, you could ask the mechanics to inspect the vehicle and list any repairs that are not covered by the insurance company. Most repair shops will charge a small fee to conduct these repairs. Additionally, visit the garage to supervise the restoration work. It is a sure way to keep the mechanics on their toes. 

When considering insurance car repairs, gather evidence at the accident scene, check the claims process, choose an appropriate garage, take advantage of extra services and monitor the repair process. 

To learn more about insurance car repairs, contact an insurance company.

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