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Different Car Maintenance Services Needed to Keep Your Car in Excellent Working Shape

All cars require regular servicing to keep running at peak performance and efficiency. Regular car servicing also minimises the risk of a car breakdown and extends the lifespan of the vehicle. Car mechanics offer a wide variety of car maintenance services designed to keep your vehicle running in excellent shape, ensuring a problem-free driving experience for you and your passengers. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with some of the most common car maintenance services that should be carried out regularly.

Engine Oil and Oil Filter Changes 

The engine is the heart of your car. Without it, the vehicle can't produce the power needed to take you wherever you have to go. To function effectively, your car's engine needs a constant supply of clean oil. Clean engine oil helps keep the various moving parts of the engine properly lubricated and plays a part in preventing overheating problems. Over time, however, the oil becomes dirty from normal engine operation. When this happens, it loses its lubrication qualities, putting the engine at a greater risk of suffering costly damage.

Regular engine oil changes are necessary to get rid of ineffective oil while replenishing a clean supply of engine oil. Replacing the oil filter together with the engine oil helps reduce the strain on your car's engine.

Brake Inspections

The brakes are a vital safety feature of your car because they allow you to slow down or halt the vehicle while driving. Indeed, faulty brakes are one of the major causes of car accidents because they reduce a driver's control of their vehicle. 

As part of normal car servicing, you should get your brakes checked regularly even if they don't show any signs of a malfunction. You don't want to experience braking failure when you're speeding on a major highway.

Tyre Checks

The tyres are the only part of your car that maintains contact with the road surface while you're driving. It's, therefore, essential to keep them in top working shape at all times. Tyre inspections are intended to identify and fix various forms of tyre damage that may compromise the safety of the entire vehicle if left unaddressed. Tyre rotation may also be performed to ensure even wear of a set of tyres.

During tyre servicing, car mechanics also check the alignment and balance of the wheels and tyres.

Getting your car's engine oil and oil filter changed and brakes and tyres checked are only a small part of what to do to keep the vehicle in great running shape. For more information about routine car servicing, talk to a car mechanic near you.

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Different Car Maintenance Services Needed to Keep Your Car in Excellent Working Shape
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