Making Your Car Service Fun

Answering Your Commonly Asked Questions About a Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System

Never wait until your vehicle's air conditioner outright fails before you have it checked by a mechanic, as some standard maintenance can be all that's needed to keep that system running optimally throughout the hot summer months. Regular maintenance can also reduce excess wear and tear on the air conditioner's parts, so that it's less likely to break down sooner than it should. Note a few questions you might have about air conditioning maintenance for your vehicle, so you can ensure you're doing what's needed to keep yours in good working order and functioning optimally. Read More 

Why Your Weekly Vehicle Checks May Be Overlooking Something Important

Do you consider yourself to be diligent when it comes to looking after your family car? Do you open the bonnet every Saturday morning to have a look at the engine oil level, the condition of the coolant and the brake fluid? All this is well and good, but you're missing one very important check and it could end up costing a lot of money down the road. Why do you need to check the transmission fluid on a regular basis as well and what could happen if you don't? Read More 

Criteria for Choosing a Good Independent Mechanic

Finding a mechanic you can turn to for help when your car needs maintenance or repair service is critical to keeping the car running well at all times. But choosing the right independent mechanic can be an overwhelming and sometimes unsettling task because you will be basically putting your car in the care of a complete stranger. Follow this criteria to ensure you select a suitable independent mechanic to provide you with the car service you'll require. Read More 

Tips for DIY Hydraulic Maintenance That You Should Know

Deciding to take on DIY car maintenance means purchasing at least one piece of hydraulic equipment. In most cases, this is a small hydraulic lift that can fit either in your garage or in your driveway. Regardless of your storage location or uses for your hydraulic equipment or lift, you will still have to take on maintenance tasks on a routine basis. Before you get started, consider these tips to make the maintenance a bit easier on you. Read More 

Tips to Keep Your BMW AC System Running Properly for Longer

Most modern cars come incorporated with an AC system that works to moderate temperatures in the interiors of the vehicle, especially during the sweltering days of the summer season. In spite of the integral function that a car's AC system plays in ensuring that everyday driving is comfortable, many car owners disregard the importance of proper AC care. These car owners often end up encountering AC system failures, which disrupts the cooling service that they enjoy while driving. Read More 

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Making Your Car Service Fun

Hello! My name is Richard and this is my new blog. I used to hate servicing my car. I would avoid doing it if possible. The idea of getting my hands dirty and covered in oil. However, all of this changed when I made friends with the local mechanic when I was drinking in the pub. He invited me to hang out with him at his auto repair shop and he explained how to make servicing your car fun. Since then, I have been taking a big interest in maintaining my car. I hope you find this blog useful and entertaining.


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