Making Your Car Service Fun

Vehicle Repair Tips For New Car Owners

Vehicles will develop problems when least expected. New car owners may not have an idea of what do when their cars break down. The extract below discusses a few vehicle repair tips. Do Not Ignore Minor Vehicle Problems Vehicle problems should be dealt with at their earliest stage. For instance, if your vehicle is losing power, contact your mechanic immediately. The issue could be as easy as a clogged air filter. Read More 

How to Tell If You Have Problems with Your Vehicle’s Active Cornering System

Engineers are always looking out for ways to improve the ride and handling of a typical vehicle. This is because some vehicles are designed to be driven in non-standard conditions or over rough terrain and, in this case, they need to pay even more attention to overall stability. This has led to the development of some sophisticated technology that will be typically fitted to the higher-end model, and you may be the proud owner of just such a vehicle at the moment. Read More 

The Lowdown on Common Truck Failure Points

Whether for intermittent transport, vocational or long-distance haulage, trucks form a critical part of the transport sector. Their size allows for convenient carriage of large and heavy loads. Over time, however, the combination of the loads and the distance covered takes a toll on the trucks, leading to repair issues. Here are some common truck repairs you should expect to need at some point. Engine As the heart of the truck, the engine bears the brunt of the weight of the strain on your truck during operation. Read More 

Signs of Depleting Transmission Fluid That Can Lead To Expensive Transmission Repairs

Your vehicle's transmission may be designed for durability, but it is still vulnerable to some issues. The thing about transmission problems is that is they are not contended with in the shortest time possible, the issues become aggravated and can cause extensive damage to the entire system. Thus, if you are a motorist, you are responsible for ensuring that you seek transmission repairs early to prevent these problems from exacerbating. This piece illuminates a few typical signs of depleting transmission fluid that can lead to expensive transmission repairs. Read More 

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Making Your Car Service Fun

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